Within the information at the moment: Extra bother for Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz, a deliberate Biden government order on “ghost weapons,” and a Georgia Republican acknowledges that the Georgia Republican drive to make voting tougher was certainly based mostly on Trump’s false “misinformation.” Right here’s a few of what you’ll have missed:

Matt Gaetz goes from hot water to boiling after wingman cops plea deal with federal prosecutors

Biden to issue executive orders on ‘ghost guns,’ other gun violence measures

Trump ‘misinformation’ spurred Georgia voter suppression law … says top Georgia Republican

Manchin defends his filibuster stance, and exposes just how little he understands the Senate

Time for a corporate tax plan that ‘ends U.S. participation in the race to the bottom’

From the group:

It’s official, the Republican Party has lost its collective mind

This is the real reason for the GOP Voter Suppression Binge: They’re losing voters