Artificial grass has its limits. Learn the different ways your artificial grass gets damaged and how you can potentially restore it.

Discovering your beautiful artificial grass is torn, worn or damaged can be a devastating experience. Fortunately, there’s a way to fix it if the damages aren’t too severe to warrant a complete replacement. So, if you are not too attached to the idea of replacing it right away, then there are ways that you can repair your artificial grass.

In this blog post, we will discuss three ways artificial turf gets damaged and how to repair them! That way, you won’t have to always resort to a complete replacement if your artificial grass has a chance to be restored instead.

Pet Damage

First, we will discuss ways that artificial grass SA can get torn. One of the biggest issues is with pet claws and dog nails pushing up against the blades and tearing them apart from each other. It can happen if you don’t have a good anchor system or your pets constantly run around on it, and the claws end up poking through the blades and causing little tears.

Another way your artificial turf can get damaged is by having pets dig up parts of it in search of something they have lost or dropped. If this digging isn’t done regularly, you don’t have to worry too much about it. Just keep an eye out for any rips or tears caused by this digging and get them repaired before they become a problem.

How to Fix It

If it’s not too bad, you can use a trimmer to cut down on how much the blade is showing above ground level, and it means that it won’t be as visible or noticeable anymore. If more than half of your artificial grass is damaged like this, then there may need to be some blades replaced.

If it’s worse than that, you’ll need to replace the entire area and re-do your installation process. While this can be a bit expensive depending on how big of an area needs to be repaired, it will still save money in the long run instead of repairing individual blades or trying to patch them together over time with duct tape.

Damage from Children

Another way that artificial grass can get damaged is through the constant wear and tear of kids constantly running around on it, playing tag or other games. It causes a lot of ruts and footprints to form over time where people are constantly standing in one place for long periods. In addition, these rips tend to be more difficult to repair because you have to completely replace the blades in an area that has been worn out.

How to Fix It

It’s best to catch this type of damage early on, though, before it gets too bad or noticeable. If your artificial grass starts developing these ruts and footprints, then there are some great ways to prevent them from getting worse while still being able to fix them up at home.

First, you can take the time to straighten out each blade after your kids are done playing outside. If they start on a diagonal and end with an angle instead of being perfectly flat, this will cause some rips and tears by putting more pressure on certain parts than others over time. Taking the extra time to make sure each blade is in place will help them stay there longer.

Another great way to prevent this ripping and tear of artificial grass blades with children running around on them is by having a trimmer come out regularly and cut down any high spots or unevenness in the turf. It can be done easily enough that you can do it yourself! Just get an edger specifically designed for artificial grass SA, so it doesn’t damage the material.

Algae Build-up

The last way artificial grass can be damaged is by having algae build up underneath the blades, causing it to rot away over time. While algae won’t affect how the blades look, it will damage the roots underneath and cause them to rot away. It is a very bad thing because then you’ll need to replace your whole area for that problem not to develop into something much worse than just algae growth.

How to Fix It

If you’re experiencing any of these problems with artificial grass blades becoming damaged, don’t worry! You can easily make the damage disappear and get your lawn looking like new again. There are many ways to repair artificial grass blades that have been damaged over time, depending on how extensive it is.

If you want to cut down some of the high spots or unevenness in an area that has developed rips and tears from people running around on it, then you can trim down the blades a bit to even them out. Of course, you’ll need a special lawn edger designed for artificial grass to do this effectively, but you can easily find one that works.