The results of that conservative rebuttal to historical past itself, unimaginatively referred to as “The 1776 Report” as a result of all fashionable conservative thought consists of rebuttals to particular non-conservative issues they did not like, was launched on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, as a result of after all it was. It consists of a skinny 20-page ebook report compiled by an meeting of whoever Trump’s staff might spherical up, none of whom are historians, and is generally a set of the standard conservative grievances stapled collectively within the regular approach and leavened with the standard dishonesties. It is not even price studying for mockery functions, so save the quarter-hour and do one thing else.

There was vital hullabaloo on the web over parts of it being plagiarized: This is not quite true, however. It incorporates bucketloads of uncited quotes, and one of many report’s authors merely lifts a complete bit complaining concerning the nation’s faculties from one of his prior works.

This is a abstract: Based on the assembled finest minds of the Workforce Trump period, “Progressivism” stands as a “problem to America’s rules” alongside slavery and fascism, and is “based mostly on” a “false understanding of rights.” Racism and “identification politics” are seen as equal risks; actually, racism was unhealthy however instead we’ve “moved towards a system of specific group privilege” in search of “social justice,” which can also be unhealthy.

Alongside the way in which we be taught that the US was a frontrunner in defeating slavery, as a result of our slaveholding founders did enshrine slaveholding into our nationwide paperwork however actually felt unhealthy about it the entire time, and that the notorious defender of slavery John C. Calhoun was Truly an inventor of “identification politics.”

The part denouncing fascism is brief, which is to be anticipated as a result of the remainder of the doc teases on the edges of explicitly fascist rules. There may be a complete part dedicated to “nationwide renewal,” together with the strong use of faith to declare the inherent rightness of take-your-pick, and the condemnation of academia and of faculties that “peddle resentment and contempt” for our homeland slightly than correct “reverence” for it.

That there are appendices devoted to every of those assaults in succession, tacking on a full 10 pages of grievances on high of the 20 pages of precise “report,” exhibits the place the authors’ private obsessions lie. Celebrating our historical past is one factor, however the most urgent nationwide want is to root out the godless, the equality-demanders, and the elitists who solid doubts on our nationwide greatness. Solely then will we obtain the renewed America our forefathers meant for us.

So, then. Twenty pages of grievance crammed with contextless quotes, half-truths, revisionism, and papering-over, all revolving round a historical past that historians are particularly disinvited from weighing in on as a result of they’re imply. That’s the response to the 1619 Undertaking that might be mustered after months of conservative teeth-gnashing over the indignity of all of it. That sounds about proper.

Greater than the rest, this doc is once more a testomony to the entire hollowing-out of the conservative motion, a metamorphosis that has in latest months purged from its ranks anybody with mental heft above a Dinesh D’Souza in favor of broad pamphleteering and calls for for absolute loyalty no matter info or consequence. The rationale no real historians had been included is as a result of real historians would instantly level out the false statements and flawed assumptions concerned, as they do each time the identical conservative arguments have been made up to now, and certainly historians near-immediately (it is a fast learn, in any case) weighed in with mockery and disgust at the shoddy effort.

After many years of throwing out anybody in conservatism who would worth rigor over ideology, that is what you might be left with. A slapdash report assembled within the final days of a fading, incompetent administration, one with roughly as many supposed authors because it has pages and which primarily considerations itself with the hazards posed by liberals, by academia, by “identification politics,” and by whichever different whistles would possibly sound good throughout a Tucker Carlson or Father Coughlin faux-populist diatribe. One with the complete Declaration of Independence stapled on to assist enhance the web page depend.

No matter. The true disgrace is that it didn’t take longer to provide. It no less than saved a set of insincere fake thinkers off the streets and busy for every week or two, which is healthier than simply letting them wander school campuses shouting about oppression or no matter it’s they do when left unsupervised.