Although there exists a plethora of window treatment options, a recently conducted survey has shown that there is an increasing number of people who prefer outdoor blinds.

Many homeowners are considering ways to enjoy their outdoor spaces as the weather gets warmer. A recent survey reveals that more and more homeowners are choosing to install outdoor blinds.

Outdoor blinds provide a few benefits. They can keep your patio or deck cooler in the summer months by blocking out the sun’s rays. They can also provide privacy and security. And, they can keep your outdoor furniture and carpeting clean and dry in the event of a rain shower.

The survey, conducted over the past month, found that of the homeowners who have installed outdoor blinds SA, 77% say they are extremely satisfied with their purchase. Over half (51%) of those surveyed say they would recommend outdoor blinds to a friend or family member.

When asked what features they like most about their outdoor blinds, the top three responses were:

  • They keep the area cooler (43%)
  • They provide privacy (41%)
  • They protect furniture and carpeting from the weather (37%)

The result is a relative surprise for experts since it has long been presumed that homeowners prefer conventional outdoor curtains.

“The survey results show that homeowners are becoming more aware of the many benefits outdoor blinds offer,” said James Johnson, spokesperson for the Outdoor Blinds Association. “We expect this trend to continue as more and more people discover how easy it is to install outdoor blinds and how much they can improve the look and feel of their outdoor spaces.”

But there are sensible explanations for why outdoor blinds have suddenly become a trend. One of the significant reasons is that outdoor blinds offer a lot of value for the price.

“Outdoor blinds are a great investment for any homeowner,” said Johnson. “They add value to your home and can save money on energy bills. They’re also easy to install and maintain, making them a great choice for busy homeowners.”

If you’re thinking about adding outdoor blinds to your home, be sure to do your research and find a reputable dealer. Outdoor blinds are available in various colours, styles, and materials, so you’re sure to find a set that will complement your home’s décor. Johnson also recommends getting a professional measurement of your outdoor space to ensure a perfect fit.

The versatility of the outdoor blinds SA aesthetics could very well be one of the reasons for their newfound popularity.

“Outdoor blinds can give your home a more polished look,” said Johnson. “They can also help you create a specific mood or atmosphere on your patio or deck. Whether you want a cozy, intimate space for entertaining guests or a bright and airy spot for reading and relaxing, outdoor blinds can help you create it.”

No wonder many more property owners will be donning outdoor blinds in the coming months!